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The training we deliver includes the following modules




  • Module A: Introduction & Creating Teams

Aim: To provide an introduction to the Team Research model and its key elements.

Objectives: To understand the basic principles of Team Research and team composition principles.

  • Module B: Team Visioning and Ways of Working

Aim: To inform Team Visioning and Agreements principles and share effective ways of team working.

Objectives: To equip staff and students with practical ideas, encourage discussions in their team, and to create shared team agreements and ways of working.

  • Module C: Team Conflict and Resolution

Aim: To look at team conflict as both negative and positive, and to consider resolution from different roles within a team, providing tools and discussing examples for effective solutions.

Objective: To provide an overview of individual and team conflict norms and how to navigate. To analyse examples and ideas for how to resolve conflict and what changes are required to move forward as an individual and as a team.

  • Module D: Followership

Aim: How Followers can add value to teams and Team Research culture.

Objectives: Explore how individuals and teams can understand how their role changes and so, influences better outcomes and flexibility within the team.

  • Module E: Mapping your Network

Aim: To visually map individual and team’s networks and look at who is connected and who else can enhance the research culture and potential outputs.

Objectives: Share examples of team structures and how these inform the team’s goals. Highlight an inclusive approach to including all contributors and being aware of the benefits to recognising and crediting everyone.

The Open University – free course:

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