Multi-Omic Health Technologies

Multi-omic (or multiple ‘omics’) research is a fast-growing field with great potential to enhance personalised medicine. This involves analysis and interpretation of a combination of different biological datasets (‘genomics’, ‘transcriptomics’, ‘proteomics’, ‘exposome’ etc) which are collected from molecular technologies. 

Investigation of omic data in combination with non-omics data (e.g. clinical data, imaging data) requires a range of disciplines (including, but not limited to, Bioinformatics, Health Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics). 

This research theme aims to bring together experts from different disciplines to solve ‘Big Data’ challenges in the field of multi-omics and multi-modal data, and then translate these into a clinical setting using innovative approaches. 

Theme Lead: Dr Juhi Gupta

Dr Juhi Gupta is a Lecturer in Health Data Sciences in the School of Health Sciences and Deputy Programme Director of the Health Data Science MSc. Juhi has a background in Genetics, Pharmacology and Bioinformatics. Her research interests are analysis of multi-omics and health data using Data Science approaches, personalised medicine and eHealth.