Pankhurst Seminar Series

The Pankhurst Seminar series provides an opportunity to experience talk and discussion from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, reflecting the diverse and inter-disciplinary character of the Christabel Pankhurst Institute. The series includes general seminars on the broad topic of health technology research and innovation as well as themed seminars on Digital Health Inequities (delivered by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Greater Manchester), Prediction Modelling, and the International Centre for Translational Digital Health (ICTDH). 

Pankhurst Seminar Series 

The Pankhurst Seminar Series is designed to foster knowledge exchange and develop research and innovation networks across the Greater Manchester healthcare technology community. Our events are curated to advance interdisciplinary healthcare technology research and its impact on patient care and well-being.  The events are hybrid (online and person options available) and held regularly, showcasing ideas and inviting speakers from both within and outside the University of Manchester.  The series is open to anyone with an interest in health technology and we welcome topic and speaker suggestions from the community.

Upcoming Seminars
14th December | Pankhurst Seminar Series

Collaboration is MORE than just working together; it’s about creating an alchemical blend of diverse perspectives and talents that elevates our collective intelligence. There are loads of tools out there for getting into collaboration, but if you don’t have the right mindset nothing is going to happen. If having information got results, everyone would have results, right now. It’s having the mindset, the support and the community that will make the difference.

Join us for an engaging session with Annette Bramley, Executive Director of the N8 Research Partnership and co-author of the book Research Collaboration: a step by step guide to success, to explore the fascinating world of mindsets for collaboration.

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Previous Seminars
3rd October 2023 | Pankhurst Seminar Series

The Centre for Ethics and Social Policy seminar included talks by Professor Soren Holm, Dr Jonathan Lewis, Professor Sarah Devaney, Dr Catherine Bowden, and Dr Lucy Frith, and was hosted by Dr Robert Meckin. 




Digital Health Inequities Seminars

Digital health inequities are health inequities caused or exacerbated by introducing digital technology in health and social care settings. Digital health inequities are an increasingly important topic within health research and policy, and in keeping with this growing importance, the Pankhurst Digital Health Inequities Programme aims to establish a collaborative programme of research on tackling digital health inequities. As part of this programme we organise monthly seminars on topics relevant to digital health inequities on every second Wednesday of the month. Please contact us at if you would like to receive seminar details. 

Find details of upcoming and past DHI Seminars here

International Centre for Translational Digital Health (ICTDH)

About ICTDH the seminar series:  

The International Centre for Translational Digital Health is a joint collaboration between the University of Toronto, the University of Manchester and the University of Melbourne. The mission of the Centre is to advance the field of Digital Health in Canada, the UK, and Australia through the development, implementation, and translation of new technologies, policies, and service delivery models. The Centre brings together experts from a broad range of disciplines from each institution to share and develop knowledge, engage in collaborative activity, and leverage each other’s distinct national research environments. Its impact is the creation and commercialisation of new technologies, the translation of theory into more effective public policy, and the strengthening of health services delivery. 

The International Centre for Translational Digital Health (ICTDH) will host a monthly seminar series, led by the Hub Leads. The purpose of the seminar series is to build an international community in the area of translational digital health and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and international collaborations in translational digital health. 

Upcoming Seminars

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Previous Seminars


ICTDH Seminar: Digital Solutions for Remote Management of Chronic Disease, 26 April 2023

Speaker and Topic: Noor El-Dassouki & Raima Lohani: Digital Solutions for Remote Management of Chronic Disease

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ICTDH Seminar: Digital health technologies for individuals with complex care needs, 12 June 2023

Speaker and Topic: Carolyn Steele-Gray: Digital health technologies for individuals with complex care needs

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ICTDH Seminar: Optimising digital health interventions: Lessons from the Validitron, 19 June 2023

Speaker and Topic: Olivia Metcalf: Optimising digital health interventions: Lessons from the Validitron, a dedicated virtual and physical space for digital health tools

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ICTDH Seminar: An Ethical Approach to the Adoption of Technology in RAC, 21 June 2023

Speaker and Topic: Reeva Lederman: An Ethical Approach to the Adoption of Technology in Residential Aged Care

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ICTDH Seminar: Remote Monitoring and Virtual Care Solutions, 10 July 2023

Topic: Developing remote monitoring and virtual care solutions for people across the lifespan: lessons on intervention design and evaluation

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ICTDH Seminar Mental health digital phenotyping research, 19 Sep

Topic: Mental health digital phenotyping research within CIS

Speakers: Dr Simon D’Alfonso

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AI in Healthcare Seminar

The AI in Healthcare Seminars facilitate conversations on the wide-ranging application of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. Spanning the wide range of applications of AI in this sector, our mission is to gather anyone with an interest in AI in Healthcare together in a single group to discuss and promote how AI is to be actualised and taught in one of society’s most important roles, the health of the general public. Based out of the University of Manchester, utilising the modern facilities of the Pankhurst Institute, we welcome anyone working in this domain to join us in one of the most exciting conversations currently being engaged.


Upcoming seminars
24th January 2024 AI in Healthcare Seminar

Seminar time: 10am – 11am

Location: Pankhurst Institute, Emmeline Suite

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Title: Enhancing the use of The Christie’s health data – a new 5 years strategy and integrated unit.

Speaker: Dr Fabio Gomes, Consultant Medical Oncologist specialised in the care of lung cancer; Director for Clinical Outcomes at The Christie.

Abstract: The Christie NHS FT as the specialist cancer centre in Greater Manchester has launched a new multidisciplinary Clinical Outcomes Data Unit (CODU) in 2023 to deliver on its new Clinical Outcomes Data Strategy 2023-2028. This unit is designed to enable and support the use of health data for the purposes of audit and improvement, alongside research and innovation.


The Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem Seminar

The Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem is a collaborative network that brings together world leading academic expertise, industry partners from SMEs to major international digital & pharma companies, Health and Social Care professionals across the NHS, Public Health and local government, and patient and service user representatives.

The Ecosystem plays an important role in bringing together key organisations and personnel in digital health, creating a platform for sharing new and important policy developments, research, funding opportunities and innovations.

We are a member of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), a network of permanent multi-stakeholder Ecosystems. Our regular open meetings are held in a hybrid format and cover a range of health and technology related topics, further details of which can be found on our Ecosystem Meetings page.

Upcoming seminars

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Prediction Modelling Seminars 

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