Research and innovation

The Institute provides a focus for the University’s health technology research and innovation.

Achieving benefit from health technologies is a multi-faceted challenge which requires input from across the spectrum of academic disciplines.

Alongside a focus on science and engineering, particularly digital technologies, AI and advanced materials, the Institute fosters a multidisciplinary approach to studying and achieving impact.

Areas of research include:

  • Translational research to generate health impacts from foundational research, particularly in digital technologies, AI and advanced materials.
  • Implementation science to understand translational pathways for health technology and identify the determinants of success.
  • Health economics to understand and predict the health and economic impacts of deploying technology-based innovations in the health and care system.
  • Evaluation and assessment methodology to generate evidence of efficacy and safety for technology-based innovations at different stages of development.
  • Social and behavioural science to explore the impacts of heath technologies, particularly effectiveness, confidentiality and security, and addressing inequalities.