It is widely acknowledged that realising the potential of innovative healthcare technologies for improved outcomes through commercial translation is slow. There is an estimated average time lag of 17 years for the translation of basic research to patient benefit, with the majority of research innovations never bridging that gap.

The vision of the translation theme is to improve health technology translation by making translation an integral part of health technology research. The aim is to increase awareness of research translation, and to support researchers in understanding translational key requirements, challenges and opportunities.

We are currently developing translational resources to support researchers from the early stages of development, intending to increase and accelerate translation of health technology research findings into benefits for society.

Translation Theme Lead: Dr Claudia Lindnder

Dr Lindner is a Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Senior Research Fellow in Translational Medical Imaging at The University of Manchester. Her research interests are in the automated analysis of medical images to study, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal disorders – using methods from computer vision, machine learning and data science.