Our Activities

The Pankhurst coordinates a range of activities to meet our aims. Below you can find our current projects.

The Research and Innovation (R&I) Health Accelerator

Through this project, SMEs will be able to access expertise and support including information about navigating the health and care system, developing value propositions, ethics and regulatory advice and access to university-wide expertise.

The International Centre for Translational Digital Health

The International Centre for Translational Digital Health is a joint collaboration between the University of Toronto, The University of Melbourne and The University of Manchester. The mission of the Centre is to advance the field of Digital Health in Canada, the UK and Australia, through the development, implementation, and translation of new technologies, policies, and service delivery models. The Centre brings together experts from a broad range of disciplines from each institution to share and develop knowledge, engage in collaborative activity, and leverage each other’s distinct national research environments. Its impact is the creation and commercialization of new technologies, the translation of theory into more effective public policy, and the strengthening of health services delivery.

Innovation Catalogue

As a part of Pankhurst’s key activities, we will develop an understanding of the research assets and capabilities of the University and the Greater Manchester Health innovation ecosystem to broker new connections with key stakeholders including businesses and develop the Health Innovation Catalogue. This will expand and develop the University’s industry network and build the potential offering of and impact of the university Health technology research.