This webinar on 29th June is open to GM SMEs enrolled onto the ERDF programme. If you are enrolled onto the R&I Programme and would like to attend please contact Helen Williams at More information can be found on the Bionow website here.

Not yet Enrolled in the Research and Innovation Health Accelerator Programme?Are you an SME looking to collaborate with Greater Manchester’s research and innovation institutions? Would you like access to expertise and support for your business?

CONTACT US to discuss the programme further and to see if your company is eligible to enrol.

The project invites SMEs to collaborate with Greater Manchester’s research and innovation institutions to accelerate development and improve commercialisation of innovative healthcare products and services within life sciences.

SMEs will be able to access expertise and support including information about navigating the health and care system, developing value propositions, ethics & regulatory advice and access to university-wide expertise.

There will also be opportunities to build lasting research collaborations between SMEs, researchers, Greater Manchester universities, NHS organisations and the broader health innovation community. These collaborations will be used to share knowledge, address the barriers to adoption and co-develop proposals for research and development projects.

The programme, which is open now and will run until June 2023, will engage with SMEs across a range of health and care products and services, but with a particular focus on AI & digital technologies, medical devices, biosensors, genomics & precision medicine, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, and applications of advanced materials.

Eligible SMEs will be able to access two levels of support, both with a menu of support activities that can be mixed and matched to meet their specific needs.

This session aims to simplify the current UK grant funding landscape, which can often be confusing and difficult for companies to navigate successfully. Understanding the funding opportunities available and how to access these resources is key for SMEs and entrepreneurs with healthcare innovations. You may be eligible for finance that could progress the development and adoption of your product or service into the NHS and beyond.

By attending this event, you will gain a better understanding of the funding landscape and learn about some of the major funding calls. We’ll discuss what the acronyms associated with these calls mean and the similarities and differences between the various schemes. Crucially, we’ll discuss when the major funding calls will be taking place and what funds are available to SMEs like yourself who are looking to progress your innovations.

To introduce the different funding schemes, we will be welcoming some expert guest speakers from the LGC Group and KTN. They will focus on grant funding offered by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI Healthcare), the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Innovate UK (IUK). LGC group manage healthcare research investments and grants for a variety of funders including outsourced public sector research programmes for the UK Government. The KTN supports innovative businesses by working in close partnership with Innovate UK, UKRI and other government departments.

We will also be welcoming a company, who will discuss their experience having been through the process of gaining grant funding, and to illustrate how this helped them and their innovation grow.